Ceramic Coatings

“ Even brand new cars need detailing”

Despite many advancements in paint finishing from car manufacturers even cars which have just rolled off the production line still require extra refining. The best time to protect your vehicles paintwork is just before it hits the road. That’s why we offer a bespoke Signature New Car Detail.

What’s involved?


  1. Wash & Decontamination Stage
    – All Products used are our own manufactured products.
    – Multi-Stage Wash including Signature Citrus Pre-Wash, Snow Foam & pH Neutral Shampoo using Merino Lambswool Wash  Pads and soft bristle detailing brushes.
    – Signature All Purpose Cleaner used to clean the wheels.
    – Signature Fallout Remover used to remove any embedded iron contamination from the vehicle paintwork.
    – Tar & Remover to remove any factory glue residue from the protective packaging
    – Entire Vehicle is clay barred to remove any final contaminants from the paintwork

  3. Machine Correction
    – One to two stages of machine correction to remove any remaining factory standing marks and perfect the gloss and reflection levels of the paintwork prior to any paint protection film application.
    -Any car which comes in for paint protection film we strongly recommend paint correction as this significantly improves end result of the paint protection film installation

  5. Interior Protection Package
    – We apply our Signature Alcantara & Leather Care Kits where applicable. The interior is cleaned and then a protectant is applied to allow for easier maintenance of the Alcantara material in the future.
    – Carpets are treated with a hydrophobic & anti-bacterial coating.


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