Paint Protection Film


Where did paint protection film come from?

Paint protection film also commonly known as PPF is a polyurethane film which was initially developed by the US Military to protect the helicopter rotors and other areas from high-speed debris. Only in recent advancements, the automotive industry has benefited from this technology and further advancements have been made.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film:

  • Protect your paintwork from stone chips and minor damage
  • Available in gloss and matte finishes
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Custom precision cut pattern designed in-house
  • Paint protection film which doesn’t discolour and self-healing properties

Signature Group has developed paint protection film to be installed from small impact areas to complete car coverages to leave a finish which is “virtually invisible” and preserve the finish of your vehicle.

How is Signature Shield Self Healing Paint Protection Film installed?

Our team of expert installers thoroughly clean and prepare the surface prior to installation. Then using our library of pre-cut templates and computer aided plotter the film is pre-cut. Then the film is installed to leave a near invisible finish.


Are any knives used on your vehicles paintwork?

No Knives are used on your vehicles as our film is pre-cut using our computer aided plotter.


Will my paint protection film turn yellow?

Our paint protection film comes with a 10-year guarantee against yellowing, cracking and fading which is common in older technology films.

How does the film “self heal”?

The time for a scratch to heal depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. Minor scratches usually heal in one hour at room temperature (22°C). In warmer climates, healing time will be shorter. The healing process can be accelerated at any time by pouring hot water over the scratched area.


Can I see my paint protection film once it has been installed?

From normal viewing distance, our paint protection film is virtually invisible.

Protection Film prices are indicated “From” and will vary for each vehicle.


Signature Front End Kit


Signature Full Front Kit


Signature Full Coverage Kit


Bespoke Design Kit creating a tailored paint protection film package for any vehicle.



Coverage may vary for each vehicle dependant on availability


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